ward s mitchell jr is a creative and progressive professional who is one part experienced and knowledgable and one part empathetic and caring in his approach to life.

his movement which is decades in the making, strives to provide works that are beneficial to the greater good from use of his god given passions and talents. he has flare for coaching of all kind, caring, helping and being that positive beacon of hope necessary. in addition, he has a relentless and uncanny side and knack for everything business and technology and enjoying i.t. every chance he gets!

if time allows you, you should check out some of his works some time…

  • his life and personal coaching outreach soul bradda, where he shares how to live life soul full, soul real and soul ready by doing what is right not just for others, but for you – always!
  • mnmlware is minimal data.kiosk.mobile.soft.system.web -ware products and services that ward designs, builds, deploys and shares with the world!
  • last but not least, read more about wards business and technology consulting and freelancing he does in his free and spare time.

ward is always interested in talking story, so contact him anytime with any questions you may have big or small.